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Making History

Saltire-2 is GU Rocketry's second launch vehicle and first custom built platform. It is reusable and will become the first student rocket to be launched from a spaceport on the British Isles when it flies again in March 2023. 

HEIGHT                             2.77m / 9'1"

DIAMETER                      137.5mm

SPEED                               Mach 1.2


TARGET ALTITUDE      15000ft

Solid Rocket Motor

A Cesaroni M795 Moonburner motor powers Saltire-2 to its target altitude. 

Saltire-2 was a huge step forward for GU Rocketry, with a completely custom carbon fibre and fiberglass airframe, the aerodynamics team demonstrated the ability to design, manufacture, and fly composite airframes.

Saltire-2 launched to a height of 15569ft from Fairlie Moor in the West of Scotland on the 27th of August 2022. 


Saltire-2 was the first practical test of GU Rocketry's custom, in-house avionics. Despite issues with the recovery system during the launch, Saltire-2 was successfully recovered and is set to be launched a second time. 

Saltire-2 mission patch .png




Ultimate Customs

Aspire Space


MSC Software

SpacePort One



On the 27th of August 2022 we successfully launched Saltire-2 from Fairlie Moor. 

Saltire-2 was a massive step forward from Saltire-1, and was a very successful launch despite some issues with the recovery system

Saltire-2 was successfully recovered and we aim to relaunch it later this year. 

Check out the launch video!

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