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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

We have so much going on every week at GU Rocketry, and we decided the best way to keep everyone in the loop was to create a blog that will be updated weekly with everything that we have been working on!

Over the next few weeks posts will be written by some of our team leads and members of the management team to really offer as much information as we can on what the various different teams do on a weekly basis.

The last few weeks have been busy for our Saltire-3 and Mach-23 competition teams as they finished, presented, and submitted their respective PDRs in preparation for each competition later in the year.

We have also been lucky enough to host two guest speakers since the beginning of the semester thanks to outreach led by our Business and Operations team; Richard Brown, a former professor in the GU Aerospace Engineering Department, on the topic of 'Shockwaves and the Design of Future Spacecraft', and Atheeq Hassani from Skyrora with a talk on 'Propulsion Development of the Skyrora XL Launch Vehicle'.

Since the beginning of the semester in January we have been able to put together two socials for members of the team, we have been pottery painting at the Craft Pottery in Glasgow, and last week we organised a joint space themed sub-crawl with GUSEDS, GU Orbit, Strathclyde AIS and Strathclyde SEDS to foster connections and friendships between space related student led societies in Glasgow.

With competitions approaching on the horizon, our technical teams are increasingly busy working on their projects, and our Business and Operations team are working behind the scenes to keep everything running with the social and outreach sides of the team, and we will hopefully have more exciting updates for you next week!

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