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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for GU Rocketry. Our team had our first full team meeting of the Semester and it was great to see all the members ready to start the next semester.

Our senior team, Saltire-3 have presented their PDR to our external review board consisting of industry advisors. The feedback from our presentation was really encouraging and it was great to see the senior teams' work pay off in the form of great industry feedback. Moving on from this the Saltire-3 team is working to downsize this document to the concept design proposal that EUROC requires.

Our Junior team has submitted their PDR to the MACH-23 judging panel, and their rocket Eligius will be launched in Campbelltown. The hard work and effort the team have put in so far was apparent when they presented their project to the rest of the team! The rest of the students in the Junior Development Program are also working hard on their rockets which will be launched as part of International Rocket Week.

Our propulsion team is hard at work on our first student-designed engine, “Chimera”, which will be assisted by our provided mentors as part of the U.K. race to space competition our team is competing in. Hopefully, we will get to test-fire Chimera this summer.

GU Rocketry has been working hard to secure new partnerships with industry and reaffirm existing ones. Our partnership with Spaceport One has been going from strength to strength as we work towards re-launching our second rocket Saltire-2 at Spaceport One’s site this year. We would also like to thank SavaVord Spaceport for supporting the team this year, and joining the University of Glasgow as a primary sponsor for the team.

The team's future is exciting this coming year and as we move to compete with our skills on the national and international stage, GU Rocketry continues to develop students to become the next leaders in engineering.

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