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The Sutton Program
Check out our articles and episodes outlining everything you need to know about space flight in 7 simple steps.  
Article 1 - The History of Rocketry
This article will introduce how rockets from as early as the 13th Century develops into the rockets we know today.


Article 2 - Rocket Dynamics
This article will be looking at Sir Isaac Newton and his 3 fundamental laws of motion that govern rocket dynamics.

Article 3 - The Rocket Equation
This article will explore the rocket equation, also known as the ideal or classical rocket equation, and show why it is one of the most important equations in modern rocketry.

Article 4 - Rocket Propulsion
This article will be looking at different types of rocket propulsion, the fundamentals behind how thrust is created and a brief look at some modern-day propulsion systems.

Article 5 - Rocket Aerodynamics

This article will introduce various principles of aerodynamics that must be considered for rocket flight, showing how different types of drag are generated and some of the engineering techniques used to circumvent them.

Article 6 - Rocket Avionics
This article will introduce each of the components required for a small-scale rocket flight computer and explain the fundamental principles behind their operation.

Article 7 - Rocket Recovery
This article analyses the different methods of safe rocket recovery.
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